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Stormy Seas

There has been a lot of precipitation and at times while I’ve been here I’m not sure if I’m hearing the roar of the ocean or the steady torrential beat of rain. Perfect study weather by the way.

The rain let up a couple of times yesterday to let me venture out. I went and sat on Dicky Beach for a break at midday, and on the way back to my rooms picked up a roast pork Banh Mi from the local bakery. By the way, no sign of the SS Dicky wreck on the beach any more. I feel lucky that I was able to see it on my earliest visit here.

Then in the evening I walked from Moffatt Beach, through Dicky Beach and onto Currimundi. It was a glorious walk, I wanted to keep going but it started getting dark and rainy, and I needed to watch my step so I didn’t inadvertently tread on the occasional little blue bottle jellyfish washed up on the shore.

I am flying through my studies, almost done with Week 4 material. With luck should finish it off today.

This made me smile – the Aussie penchant for shortening people’s names. I imagine it was a very romantic moment when Woz led Kaz to show his handiwork on the beach.
As I stood on the shore, the water felt lovely and inviting as it crept up to kiss my toes.

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