Hi, and welcome! If you’re reading this you either already know me or landed here randomly – in which case let me give you some basics:

  • Married to H.
  • Live on a small semi-rural property in south-east Queensland, Australia
  • Business Manager / Company Secretary for a community hospice
  • Interests include travel, photography and dogs..
Melissa with Spook and Ebony

Since COVID-19 foiled our plans of further overseas travel for a while, in 2021 I have returned to distance study for a Bachelor of Business through the University of Tasmania (would love to visit Tassie again some day). I have a long road ahead of me, it is a little scary but also satisfying.

I have recently discovered a couple of my old blogs that are still online:

My beautiful sister Jo also keeps a blog, mainly book reviews because she loves to read and write – JoBlossom’s Storyboard.