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Hi, and welcome! If you’re reading this you either already know me (Melissa) or landed here randomly – in which case let me give you some basics:

  • Home is with my husband and our two elderly dogs on a small semi-rural acreage in south-east Queensland, Australia.
  • After a busy career over three decades I left the workforce this year (2022) to be a full-time student for a while. I’m in my second year of a business degree.
  • Interests include travel, gardening, photography, reading, music, blogging.

I recently discovered a couple of my old blogs are still online:

  • Cook-e-licious – collection of recipes from a time when I enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen
  • Luminosita – a learning log started in 2006 when I started my first university course, which I didn’t finish. I later started a couple of other courses, which I did complete. Yay for commitment.

My younger sister also keeps a blog, mainly book reviews because she loves to read and write – JoBlossom’s Storyboard. Since leaving full-time work I’ve been seeing a lot more of her, which has been great. This is one of my favourite photos of the two of us, taken around Christmas 2021 in her home: