First Aid Ankle

First week back at work after a break, even a short one, is always busy but the past few days have been especially so. Greater Brisbane went into another lockdown due to a further community transmission of COVID-19. Touch wood, it seems to have been contained.

On Wednesday I had the class based delivery of my First Aid course. Surprised it continued during the lockdown, but made sense when I got there – all of us worked in the health industry. The instructor was excellent. A Scot and retired paramedic with a no-nonsense approach. Had to listen carefully to understand through his accent (and his mask). He turned previous training on its head by pointing out the really important things to remember, and explaining why they were important. Said that chances are, we would be carrying out CPR at home, on someone we loved, and we were the only chance for that person’s survival. That hit home.

Send for help
Airway – vitally important, don’t tilt head until you know airway is clear!
Breathing check for rise and fall of chest, ear close to mouth
CPR – fingers off ribs avoids breakage, count out loud, keep head tilted
Defibrillation – increases chances of survival significantly, use if you have it

CPR is 30 chest compressions followed by two breaths, repeated until the paramedics arrive or casualty responds.

Recovery position – on side, mouth downward to keep airway clear

Choking – only a minute to act or they die!! Five back thrusts, five front thrusts, against a wall if necessary, with speed, alternating until the obstruction is forced out.

Broken bones – making the casualty comfortable more important than putting the injured limb into a mobility sling.

So, ankle. Talk about irony. After the class I was walking back to where I’d parked, looked away from the footpath just as it dipped, checking for traffic. Rolled my ankle and fell heavily to the ground. Ouch! After a few minutes (and some tears – it really hurt!) I drove myself back to work and applied first aid:


Had to laugh, my boss had a point when she remarked on my dedication to putting first aid theory into practice!

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