Results BEA111

UPDATE: Second assignment results are in – 88%. Busy studying now for the final exam, on Saturday 5 June. It is an online, open book exam, and I’ll have 8 hours to complete it. It will probably be a lot harder than it sounds.

Geez I don’t envy the markers, what a tedious job it must be, grading assignments! Results have come back for my first assignment 96% (originally 93% but adjusted for a mistake by the marker). Looking at the feedback, I’m kind of amazed I did that well! Anyway, I’m happy.

Next assignment is due next week. I have started, but I am falling behind again in the lectures (blame it on my newest addiction to TV detective show Bosch). Thankfully it is another long weekend coming up, I intend to get stuck into finishing the assignment and then some serious catch-up. No more TV till I’ve finished!

PS – Average mark for the class of over 300 students was 74%. One tenth of the students did not submit an assignment.

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Hi Liss,

Congratulations on the mark, and glad that you have done well and it must be very pleasing. As I was also amazed on how well I have done with the Canine Nutrition Diploma Course I am doing.

Thanks Jo. Like you, I enjoy the sense of achievement and self-confidence gained from getting good results from studies.

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